KMAC Couture VI Design – My Megan


KMAC Couture 6 was a couple weeks ago, and I finally had time to sit down and put together a short video of creating the design so I wanted to share a post about my inspiration and experience this year. My piece was also one of ten designs chosen to be on display at KMAC through the 20th of this month if you want to see it in person!

This video shows the process behind building my design, although I missed filming the laser cutting of the shapes.

The inspiration behind my design this year comes from the video game series Deus Ex, a  futuristic science fiction game. I love video games as a form of art because they contain an entire world of their own that you get to be dropped into, and seeing what they can do with animation nowadays is so impressive. These worlds contain pieces of our reality, but then go way beyond that into the realm of imagination and I wanted to try and capture that concept by bringing a piece of non-reality to reality.

The fashion behind Deus Ex has inspired some good cosplays, and several years ago I really wanted to create a version of Megan Reed’s outfit but I never got around to it (besides picking out some of the fabric), so this year I decided to finally go for it but in a completely different way – I didn’t want to just create a piece that looked exactly like what the characters wear, but a piece inspired by various visual effects within the game that you wouldn’t see in the real world. And that is how “My Megan” came about!

My submission sketch


I was delighted to work with Bethany as my model again this year! KMAC Couture takes place on Main Street so we shot these pictures really quick in front of the Louisville Science Center between rehearsal practice and the actual show. Last Year’s KMAC Couture day was way more hectic than this year because of the headpiece incident and I didn’t get any photos day of, so I wanted to make sure I captured pictures of my piece this year.


I typically stick with dresses when I sew, but I wanted to challenge myself this year and do something that mimicked the shape of a trench coat (because of how they dress in Deus Ex) but was actually a pair of pants. This is the first pair of shorts/pants that I have made in almost ten years – the first and only pair I ever made ripped up the crotch when I arrived to class and I just didn’t attempt it again until now! Now I am totally ready to whip up some more pants designs.


My sister did the make up for my design again this year and I loved it! She made Bethany into a interstellar beauty. Bethany and My Megan also caught the eye of a photographer who was watching the rehearsal and we were invited to participate in a quick shoot in the museum before the show – I can’t wait to see those images!


Thank you KMAC for the opportunity to try new things and know that a platform will be there!

All photos by me & Justin


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