Spring Maternity Portraits

We met Alonzo and Hayley with baby Mila on board at McNeely Lake for what we hoped would be soft sunset portraits, but the sky was completely covered with clouds and no color came through. But that didn’t mean we couldn’t achieve the effect in post processing!
I had a lot of fun learning some new editing techniques through lightroom for this album. Being more familiar with photoshop when it comes to adding gradient and radial filters I started there…then Justin discovered lightroom has gradient and radial masks that made this a much quicker process and I’m really excited to keep using them.
Hayley looked absolutely beautiful in her maternity outfits and I’m so happy we could achieve a soft romantic look to go along with her choices even if mother nature wasn’t having it. We also had a cute kitty join us for part of the session!





41495975832_bfa3ca487a_o27678905498_1d46e225ee_o41495977972_4fc4f463f5_o26667845047_cf52f38d39_o (1)



26688981907_f1d8a4800a_o (1).jpg
Hayley just graduated from nursing school!


McNeely Lake is pretty well known locally for its “Cat Cave” – a cave under the cliff in some of the photos above that houses tons of feral cats. People leave out food for them and they have been there for years (i’m talking like at least 15 years but could easily go back further) so sometimes if you’re at the park you’ll get to spot one. However, they are usually very leery when it comes to interacting with humans and run off but this black cat was special! He kept following us around for most of the shoot and made it into some of the photos. 26667732177_ffb313f8e8_o41495664822_b659afaa47_o41536987941_85a9a95ef7_k41536983171_46335248ab_k



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