WanKeith’s Surprise Proposal to Bethany

We met Bethany and WanKeith through KMAC Couture 2016 – I had found her on instagram and instantly fell in love with her style, smile, and beautiful wide eyes and knew I needed her in my design on the runway! That night during the runway show, as we waited for her to walk, WanKeith told me one day down the road he might call on Justin and I to be apart of a proposal idea he had – he wanted it to be related to Bethany’s passion for modeling by creating a faux photoshoot to surprise her. Well we got the call last month and it was on! After months of planning, WanKeith had set up the location and had all of her closest family and friends prepared to be there that day, all we needed to do was coax Bethany there with a text asking if we could get together and shoot. We met WanKeith beforehand that day at the Louisville Marriott Downtown and he showed us the clothes he picked out for her and the hotel room for her to get ready in, then we anxiously awaited for Bethany’s arrival with her friends. After her makeup was done we started shooting, knowing the whole time just around the corner WanKeith was waiting for his fiance to be to surprise her! When he threw open the curtains her expression was priceless – see the full video and photos below. We wish them the absolute best! CONGRATS TO THESE TWO AND THEIR BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!!!

Thank you to Marissa Payne of Painted by Payne for the beautiful make up and Albert Jones of Albert Jones Photography for shooting the friends’ interviews as we kept Bethany distracted upstairs with the shoot!

Bethany had no idea in the photos below her life was about to change! She rocked every look.



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